On Getting Married…

My husband and I have been married for a while now, but a good friend of mine is getting married soon. Despite the fact that she has been with her partner for a decade already, I told her to prepare for everyone to ask, “So, how is married life?”
She laughed at me and said that no one was stupid enough to ask that…. everyone knew they had been together for a long time already.
I said it didn’t matter….

Seriously, what the fuck is it with people? Do they actually think that getting married changes things?
Prior to getting married my husband and I had a child already. Getting married didn’t change anything! But people still asked, and were still shocked when I said that married life was the same as before.
Someone enlighten me…. what is supposed to be different???

I understand that in the past (and for some people now), that couples didn’t live together before getting married. And premarital sex was frowned upon (although I am not sold on the fact that it was uncommon).
So asking how married life was was like asking how living together was. Or how the sex was. Those things at least make sense, large changes in life – cohabitating or fucking. But now?? Most people live together before getting married, and most people are fucking before getting married. So what does marriage change?

That is all. End of rant.

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