Sexualize Me!

This is a controversial topic for me, I understand both sides of the argument.
Let’s begin by defining what I am talking about….
The sexualization of women. Men looking at women, ogling them, leering at them, you know, that kind of thing. Sometimes it is overt, sometimes it is subtle. Sometimes it is undressing a woman with their eyes; sometimes it is appreciating beauty.

On one hand, I don’t think that women should be made to feel uncomfortable just for existing. And, some men are fucking creepy when checking out a woman! Women should be able to exist comfortably and be able to go out in public dressed in a way that makes them feel good without having to worry about creepy dudes.
But this doesn’t mean that women shouldn’t be sexualized. Women are beautiful, people should be able to appreciate this beauty. A woman wearing a well fitting top that accentuates her breasts should feel good, and others should be able to appreciate her confidence and beauty. Yes, this means they will look at her and probably have a thought like, “nice tits.”
Appropriate appreciation, and sexualization, of beauty doesn’t have to be creepy.

I will admit, when it is warm out I am fond of summer dresses that are just a little too short paired with heels that are a little too high (I am five-foot-eight, there is no reason I need to be wearing five and half inch heels!); in the cooler months my clothes are still quite form-fitting and often low-cut. I like the attention, I like the looks – not the creepy ones, but I do notice men (and women) taking a second look, looking me up and down, giving a subtle nod of approval. I want to know what these men are imagining… fantasizing about me. It’s good for the ego.

So I get it… that type of behaviour makes some women uncomfortable. I do think that as a society we should be making a stand against the creepy ogling and leering, but also that our society needs to look at ways to improve the self-esteem and self-confidence of women so that they can appreciate the subtle appreciation of their sexuality and beauty. Just because a man looks at a women and has some sexual appreciation for her does not make him a creep, it makes him human.
It isn’t black and white.

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